Our Services

Our portfolio of international business transnational services include,
but are not limited to, the following:

Due Diligence Services

Comprehensive foreign acquisition targeting and development of “target lists” that includes, but is not limited to, the following: ideal targets for acquisition, acquisition fit and rankings between buyer and seller, complete negotiations and due diligence services ranging from initiation, negotiation and conclusion, complete drafting of MOUs, LOIs and Purchase Agreements in the following areas


a. Legal Due Diligence
b. Financial Due Diligence
c. Marketing & Sales Due Diligence
d. Manufacturing Due Diligence
e. Tax Compliance and Tax Clearances
f. Environmental Due Diligence
g. Actuarial Reports and Pension Fund Compliance
h. Labor Negotiations with Trade Unions where applicable

International Mergers and Acquisitions, Joint Ventures, International Sales, and Strategic Alliances

Identification, analysis and consultation regarding all taxes, tariffs and other potential trade barriers

Initiate, negotiate and conclude international joint ventures or strategic alliances

Infrastructure Structuring and Financing, Railroads, and P3 Structuring

The GGS Rail Group ("RCG") is a collection of some of the world's most formidable and best-prepared railroad experts. These experts have several decades of experience and cover everything from overall project management to the establishment of rolling stock facilities in various foreign markets.


RCG associates have worked on every continent of the globe and in some of the most complex regions of the world. The RCG team understands the intricacies of fasteners and ties, as well as the specific type of rail necessary for carrying freight – and this team has done so through some of the most menacing and challenging conditions, from mountains and deserts and through snow and sand. The RCG team possesses the ability to consult in the following areas in the U.S. and in a variety of countries around the world:

• Railroad engineering and design – heavy haul and passenger
• Overall planning and project management
• Railroad feasibility studies
• Complete transit-oriented development (TOD) consultation
• Overview and coordination of track design
• Track performance efficiencies in the preliminary stages
(i.e., ties, clip, fasteners, plates, ballast, slab, etc.)
• Geotechnical advice and support
• Establishment of concrete tie/concrete sleeper plants (Greenfield and retrofit)
• Establishment of facilities for the manufacturing and maintenance of rail cars (passenger and heavy haul)
• Overview of rail construction planning and layout
• Development of rail maintenance and operations programs
• International financing support, coordination and assistance

The RCG team members have worked with and/or coordinated with some of the most exclusive and expansive rail authorities in the world

Market Research, Feasibility Studies, and PPMs

Twenty-Five Years of Market Experience

For over twenty-five (25) years, Gulf Global Synergies LLC (“GGS”), (a joint venture between Capistrano Global Advisory Services (CGA) and Entilaq), has been guiding and directing companies domestically and internationally. GGS’s internal research team is uniquely qualified and experienced in conducting extensive market research and uncovering valuable market intelligence. All of GGS’s market research is conducted in-house by GGS’s staff and research fellows. Nothing is outsourced.


Detailed, Industrial Knowledge – Understanding the Nuances

GGS prides itself on knowing its clients and their businesses in an intimate and detailed fashion. In turn, GGS is able to produce some of the most comprehensive and in-depth market research available anywhere in the marketplace. GGS has over two decades of actual market experience in heavy industry, general manufacturing, automotive & heavy truck, infrastructure, construction, pharmaceutical, oil & gas, plastics, agriculture, foodstuffs and a variety of other industries and sectors. GGS meticulously guides clients through the intricacies of market demand, market potential and market success.

Identifying Competitors, Alliance Partners, Customers & Acquisition Targets – at Home and Abroad

Due to the fact that GGS has operated extensively in a variety of countries and industries over the past 25 years, it is in a position to uncover revealing and valuable information about current/future competition, possible strategic alliance and joint venture partners, customers and clients, and acquisition targets. Furthermore, GGS can do this at home and abroad, in numerous markets including, but not limited to, the following: North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Japan and Korea.

GGS’s Team – “Brain Trust,” Poise, Contacts & Reach

GGS is comprised of some of the most capable and competent business minds in the hemisphere. From former CEOs to former intelligence officials, and from investment bankers to private equity experts, GGS’s team is impeccable and incomparable. GGS is able to provide invaluable and highly coveted information to clients in a cost-effective, expeditious and efficient manner; this is information that is difficult to come by without extensive market reach. Additionally, GGS’s network of contacts on a global scale is nothing short of impressive.

GGS’s Strategic Market Entry Analysis (“SMEA”) – A Proprietary and Actionable Document and Approach

In the early 1990s, GGS copyrighted its unique market study approach. It is called the Strategic Market Entry Analysis or “SMEA” and it is designed to give business executives a truly extensive market research tool that is far more action-oriented than the documents provided by other entities similarly situated. It delves into details that are obtained primarily through one-on-one interviews with potential competitors, customers, alliance partners and acquisition targets. It is useful information that can be acted upon immediately. It is quite literally a roadmap for market entry and includes specifically tailored strategic advice. Furthermore, the SMEA culminates in a personal visit to the target area or region. Upon the completion of the SMEA, members of the GGS team accompany clients on a highly targeted and focused visit to a given region by using the information uncovered by GGS in the SMEA; this is part of the SMEA process. This visit allows GGS’s clients to immediately access sales leads, alliances and/or acquisitions in key areas.

Foreign Acquisition Targeting

GGS assists client to identify potential partners, suppliers, subcontractors, customers, clients, distribution networks, Greenfields, Brownfields and/or foreign acquisition targets. GGS organizes trips to the targeted regions and accompanies clients to all meetings. GGS also provides assistance on the establishment of legal entities abroad (i.e., the establishment of a legal corporate entity in a foreign country).

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