Gulf Global Synergies LLC


Gulf Global Synergies LLC (“GGS”), a joint venture between CGA and Entilaq, is a foremost leader in the provision of global advisory services. From the purchase and sale of manufacturing facilities in South America and Europe, to the expansion of real estate and development companies in the Middle East and Far East, GGS is on hand every step of the way to assist corporations to successfully expand their operations abroad and to conclude transactions internationally.

For over thirty (30) years, GGS has led myriad corporate clients in expanding their reach abroad. It does this through meticulously providing a one-on-one, personalized approach to concluding transactions. GGS has an in-depth understanding of global markets and international market conditions, including the ability to deal effectively in areas and situations that are delicate and unique.

Using its sensitive approach to international transactions, GGS has concluded a wide array of business deals. Most of these deals have been in the area of heavy manufacturing, real estate development, rail, construction, and high technology.

GGS is a very effective and efficient negotiator of business transactions on a global scale, and has a track record that is second to none in the industry.

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